The Science of Me

**Disclaimer** I’m a bit mad. As a result, my writing style jumps all over the place, at any given moment. You have been forewarned.


My name is Michael Alvarez. I’m a certain age (sharing it here would be a waste, because I’ll just get older and forget to update it), do certain things and enjoy doing these certain things. These things include reading, tinkering, chemical experiments, pollen analysis, excavation and all sorts of research on areas of interest.

I see things, and come to conclusions, accurate conclusions, based on what I see. I can read your insecurities in the way you type and hear your lifestyle in the way you speak. Shoes, bag, posture- three most revealing things about a woman. Shoes, wallet, posture- most revealing about a man.

In a lot of ways, I’m no different from you- I draw who I am based on those around me who inspire and drive me to be greater than I am. Is any one source of inspiration more valid than another?

I digress, partly because I’m bored. Read if you’d like, but make no mistake I don’t think you will. Despite that fact what I say will, occasionally, benefit you- thus making reading this little thing beneficial by definition. So read on, or don’t. There are only dualities, after all.


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