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The Science of Deduction, Part 2

Now, ladies and gents, let me start this part of my multi-sectioned blogging adventure on deduction by stating with this: Most of you, a good 80% of you, are stupid. And I mean hopelessly so. I don’t mean you fail to make good marks in school, whatever level of schooling that may be, that you won’t gain access into a university or college, or that you won’t get a good job one day. I just mean you are, most of you, so mindlessly void of an intelligent thought that most of this won’t make sense to you. I mean that you just don’t think.

Todays topic: psychology. Effectively reading people, and thus making apt deductions about them, requires some knowledge of psychology, the science of how humans think and why they think what they do. It really is almost necessary, I’d say. I, personally, have spent anywhere between two to four years studying it (I went to a great secondary school that offered college level courses on the subject, as well as studying it for a year at college). Now I’m not saying you need to be a professor of clinical psychology, but I am saying you need to know that there are reasons behind behaviors- cultural or social, traumatic or not.


There is a young lady who absolutely refuses to look you in the eye as you talk to her. What does that tell us? To most of you normal people, I’m sure you said something like: She’s shy, that’s all! Well, no, shyness is just a nice term the public uses for behaviors that are, at least generally, really more related to a lack of confidence. You went to a coffee shop to talk, she made eye contact with the woman behind the counter, but not you. She has confidence issues with men. That could be from an overall lack of good body image, self confidence, some traumatic event in her childhood, or otherwise.

Next example: You are at a school function, and meet an absolutely stunning young woman. You two start to dance, and things get intimate quick. Remember, you’ve never met this woman before. First reaction from the ordinary people: She a hoe! Not quite, simpletons, not quite. Deduce, deduce. True, her behavior is loose at best, but let’s look deeper- if she is this quick to get intimate with you, that means a) she would do the same with any other man she finds just as attractive as you, b) if she’s that comfortable with being intimate, chances are she started being ‘intimate’ at a young age, which means her definition of any male interaction is what you two are doing at that very moment and nothing more. Once you two stop dancing, go and take a seat. I promise, within a few moments she’ll be all over another guy (and he will have far less scruples than you) and the two will disappear. Let me assure you, she isn’t showing him around her college campus.

Do I think too much? No, my little biddies, you don’t think enough. What’s it like in your heads? To not be me, that is? Must be so relaxing.

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