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Experiments (updated with results)

Actually in the process of testing some interesting preservation techniques. Maybe one of them will provide some insight into the hows and whys of ancient preservation. Experimental archaeology is a very helpful tool when one wishes to understand the past.


Procedure and results after 24 hours:

Clearly some of what I applied to these sections of Aloe Vera would lead to a quicker decay rate (what with their being acids and whatnot). Here is the outline of my experiment:

Take five lengths of aloe vera plant, measurements of lengths are arbitrary, and place them on a flat, portable surface. Turn each of them so that their fleshy innards are face up, and place three drops of Salicylic Acid (common in most acne products) on one, three drops of Lemon Juice on another, three drops of an equal mixture of Salicylic Acid and Lemon Juice onto another, cover and rub sea salt into the forth, and leave the fifth as is (this last one will be your control).

Let set for twenty four hours to measure preservation or decay.

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