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The Science of Deduction, Part 1

Deduction, as my good friend Sherlock Holmes would say, is elementary. And to an extent he’d be right. But Sherlock speaks like a marathon runner would speak about steady breathing- it’s easy if you’ve practiced.

So I’ll be going through some simple deduction methods over the next couple of…well, as often as I’d like really. So stay tuned, you never know when will pop up.

Today, however, I’d like to focus on something called garbology. Yes, that is an actual science for those of you who suspect it having something to do with garbage. And you’d be correct, it is the study of the garbage we humans leave behind, and to be perfectly frank there really is sweet little more beneficial when talking about learning about habits.

It is so elementary to deduce the activity of a human based on their garbage, and we archaeologists employ this method on numerous occasions. But you, the average person, can find plenty of use in this as well. The important things that define us, as persons, comes from our consumption habits. And those things are most visible in the things we throw out.


Granted, going through someones trash might label you a bit mad. Nevertheless, it is important to remember my little tip- if you want to know something about a someone, that someone is the last person you should go and ask. Try starting with their trash.



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