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Science versus Religion

Something I have felt strongly about for some time. However, not strongly in a traditional left or right sided opinion sort of way. I simply believe the two have a commonality that many people refuse to acknowledge (or are ignorant of).

Take Gregor Mendel, a personal hero of mine. His Punnett squares were a favorite of mine in every biology course I have taken from primary school until my university years today. However few people emphasize, or recognize for that matter, the fact that Gregor Mendel was a monk of the Augustinian order. William of Ockham, the author of the theory many scientists base their reasoning processes on, was also an English man of the cloth (a friar).

And lest we forget the point of religion in the first place- to explain the seemingly unexplainable. When man was young (as a species) in order to rationally explain how and why things were happening around him, he invented creation myths. Explaining the world around us is what science is. Granted science is the refined, logical and correct way…but that too would be considered by most to be opinion.

Religion is capable of creating beautiful things, and it has in the past. And while I personally see no practical, constant implication for such a system of explanation when we’ve quite definitely learned why the sun rises or where lightening comes from, this does not mean I can’t appreciate what religion is.

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