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Go Gaga, Red Top, and Relationships

So yesterday I made my way out of the downtown area of Atlanta (I told a friend about my classifying Doraville, Ga as ‘downtown’, and she just raised an eyebrow) towards Red Top Mountain State Park. It was really nice, and I’ll be sure to upload plenty of pictures once I get back to my computer.

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But the focus of THIS little diddy is going to be the new Lady Gaga song I just heard on e-youtube. Here is the video:

Now, I’ve always thought Lady Gaga and her music are a bit off the beaten path- and I think that’s what she strives for, so in that respect she’s doing exactly what she is going for. But before this performance on The Today Show, I hadn’t even thought of her as a serious artist. Truth be told I hadn’t ever heard her perform live, and hadn’t made any efforts to try and track down any information on her musical background (shame on me). Turns out she has a set of pipes on her. Not to mention, this song has an old rock ‘n roll vibe to it, which had me thinking throughout her entire performance “Wow…go Gaga”.

To break away from the typical type of music you create and take a risk the way she did speaks a lot about her trust in her fans as well as her confidence. And she performed this never before heard song live no less. Hats off to you, Gaga.

But I digress. Or segway, really, into my final topic. Relationships. And I don’t mean romantic relationships, just any relationship in general- friends or otherwise.

I’ve had conversations with very concerned people about the state of affairs of the relationships in their lives. Truth of the matter is, lads and lasses, the more people you have in your life, particularly those who you haven’t known for a very long while or very well, the more you’re going to worry about those things.

People, in general, have a funny habit of tying people, dumb people, to their goals. It’s practical in a lot of different ways- all of which are only good for the diffusion of failure or responsibility. Granted there are moments where you’ll have to rely on other good, kind hearted persons, and this I do not dismiss. However my point is simply that most people out there in internet land tend to abuse the stupid human population around them as more of some kind of House M.D.-esk crutch. But I’m in pain!

Point being, if you have something you want to do, say a school organization you’d like to start or a sports team you’d like to join, don’t always be so afraid of being it all by your onesie if you can’t manage to rustle up a corral of smarties. Stupid people are beneficial because…well, they’re abundant. However a car will not drive well if the engine is made out of old, rusted parts. In the same token, you cannot use stupid people for your own means. You shouldn’t use people, period.

But I’m alone?! You might say. These dummies are the only people I have to hang out with! Well…then be alone for a while. There’s an old saying that goes a little something like: Show me who you walk with, and I’ll show you how dumb you are. Okay, that’s not the exact quote verbatim but you get the idea.

Surround yourself with bright, intelligent people. They will challenge you to strive for what you deserve- and hell, you’d be surprised how much you’ll challenge them. Don’t think you’re smart enough? Think hanging out with a bunch of us egg heads will kill your brain cells because you won’t be able to keep up? Or maybe you’re just too interested in spending your younger years in clubs, not remembering what happened to you the night before? For those of you who feel that way, I have this to say:

Try us some smart people. What do you have to lose?

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