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My morning

Well, yes. Here I am, the morning of some date (I believe the 24th of Feb.?) Anyway, I’ve always loved writing and recently got rid of my facebook. The superficial nature of the place, along with it being used so blatantly as a substitute for actual socialization, began to bore me. And, being the solitary gent that I am, writing to a whole lot of no ones is a soothing concept. No one to ‘like’ my posts. Or comment, telling me how incredibly insightful I am.


Truth be told, I’m not. Just well read.

And let me apologize for something in advance, something that I am in no way remorseful of: I’m an anthropologist. Which means what I write will be somewhat scientific.


But I digress. Socialization, and what the digital age has done to kill the otherwise lively spirit of human community.  In ways, the internet has done wonderful things to bring people all over the world together. But somewhere between blogspot, myspace, xanga and flickr I think we’ve forgotten how to interact with a real person.

I date- I’m a 22 year old young man, so this should come as no surprise- and yet almost all of the dates I go on follow a similar formula; it involves the young lady I happen to be out with making little to no eye contact and constantly checking her cell phone. I could have a conversation with a wall that would be more fulfilling than some of these dates.

Then there are the ladies who feel it safer if I only exist in text messages. I’m sure both male and female readers of this little post alike will be able to relate to what I am about to say: there are certain people who will never call you, are always mysteriously ‘busy’, and yet will always have the time to text message you. Relentlessly.

It would be easy to dismiss this behavior. Sure, people are busy. Sure, people have lives that often make having long telephone conversations impossible. Schedules are not always conducive to long dinner dates twice a week. However, as a good friend of mine once said:

No one is ever too busy to make a phone call. -Haydee Romero

And it’s true. These people use being busy as an excuse because speaking only is text messages is safer. People are easier to deal with if all you have to do is read a small, forty five character message. I have said terribly rude things in text messages to prove this point, things I would never get away with saying in a face-to-face conversation. But, then again…


My point being, get out and live life. Feel the real things out there and enjoy the sun on your skin and the breeze on your face. Have a rum and coke and enjoy the sunset on a shoreline somewhere. I promise it’ll be worth it.


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